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ForIT Welcomes Judgement in Abhaya's Case

May 14, 2014 by admin

The fast-track court has given it's judgement in the Abhaya case, the first judgment in Andhra Pradesh under Nirbhaya law. Forum of IT Professionals(ForIT) expresses it satisfaction over the judgement given. We are glad that our efforts didn't go in vain. The wide public outcry post Abhaya incident has been initiated by ForIT. We demanded and brought an increase in public transportation in HiTech city locality, the results of which can be seen from the employees reaching home safe.

A low down on the Gujarat Development Model - Report on the seminar

January 5, 2014 by admin

In this age of information over-kill, it's very important to separate wheat from chaff. It is with this intention, Forum of IT Professionals organized seminar on Gujarat Model of development. Mr. H.I. Bhatt, socio-political analyst was the speaker at the event. Mr. Bhatt writes extensively on the economic challenges and issues faced by several sections of employees. The seminar was presided over by Y. Kiran Chandra, General Secretary of FSMI.  Besides, IT professionals, students, academicians and bloggers have attended the seminar.


October 23, 2013 by admin

The collective voice of the nation has moved the government to bring in a strong law after the Delhi gang rape. Though it is a great move ahead in controlling violence against women, the attacks on women didn't stop. However, the protests across the nation highlighted the  prevalence of  violence against women in different forms in every day life. Yet another incident might have been brushed as a "just another incident" if not for the action of Citizens groups like Forum of IT professionals (ForIT)

Bala Vignana Vahini

            Call for Volunteers for Bala Vignana Vahini Are you looking for ways to contribute to your society? Would you like to dedicate some of your time and your income to build a better society? Here's your opportunity to spread the knowledge to economically under-privileged children studying in Government schools Bala Vignana Vahini is an initiative by Forum of I T Professionals and Swecha? to spread knowledge and reduce the digital divide.


Seminar on "Gujarat Model of Development"

December 30, 2013 by admin

     An informed Public is very essential to a healthy Democracy. Debate and discussions on matters of Governance and policy help us make right electoral choices.

     Forum of IT Professionals firmly believes in importance of this and it is endeavour to organize discussion on matters that matter .As the General elections are fast approaching, we are organizing a seminar on Gujarat Model of Development and how it matters to all of us.

     H.I Bhatt, reknowned Political Analyst from Gujarat will speak on the model of development followed in Gujarat and it's pros and cons and it's significane to the national policy.

     Be there to learn about the Gujarat's development model and share your thoughts and opinions.

Time: 10 am, 4th January

Venue: Somanadhri Bhupal Memorial Hall, Beside Center for Good Governance.
Gachibowli 'X' Roads, Hyderabad

ForIT condemns NSA's Surveillance

The news of the US's National Security Agency’s surveillance programme is hardly shocking. Technological progress over the years has rendered the common man insecure, wherever he is.

It has been proved once again that technology can be good or bad depending on the person who uses it. India’s response — that it is not surveillance — shows how subsurvient India is to the US.

ForIT salutes Linkan Subudhi

September 30, 2013 by admin

Linken Subedhi

Linkan Subudhi a Software Engineer and a social activist.  She was brutally attacked for trying to rescue a minor girl from forcible marriage at Noida on Thursday. The 15-year-old girl's groom-to-be and her mother allegedly stabbed Linkan and hammered her with bricks, causing her serious head injuries. Nearly 25 stitches were sutured on Subudhi's head.

She is a social activist working to educate girls/women in and around slums of Noida.

Open House on "SURVEILLANCE (In the digital age)"

The recent revelations of PRISM leaks have brought to the fore what many have been fearing for decades. The unprecedented massive surveillance being carried out by the USA on our country and its citizens clearly indicates the threat it poses to our national sovereignty and the compromise of privacy and freedom of its citizens. In this context, Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT) is conducting an Open House on 'Surveillance in the Digital Era.


Low Value of Hi-Tech Lives

July 17, 2013 by admin

Even before we forgot the unfortunate incident of Neelima Yeruva taking her life, another young girl, Ashwani Nairy took her life last week. Like Neelima, she too jumped from the same building where she worked. Even before this tragedy is sinking in, we hear the heart wrenching story of yet another IT employee – Ramya Keerthi, taking the extreme step. In this case she was harassed by her husband and father in-law. Forum of IT employees extends deepest condolences to the families of Ashwani and Ramya Keerthi In each case, the reasons vary and are of individual in nature.