Posted on 19 Jul 2018

In a statement made by the Managing Director of CDK Global, he has admitted to retrenching employees. The MD claims the action as part of ‘role redundancies’. Indian labour laws clearly stipulate the procedure to be followed for role redundancies.

Posted on 18 Jul 2018

In a blatant display of utter contempt towards the law of the land, CDK Global’s Managing Director tried to explain the illegal retrenchment of over 180 employees using phrases such as ‘role rationalisation’, ‘role redundancies’ and ‘employee performance’.

Posted on 17 Jul 2018

'Friday the 13th' became a rude shock for hundreds of employees working at CDK Global. The company, with hundreds of millions in profits, is illegally retrenching employees in an extremely inhumane manner.

Posted on 26 May 2018
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Posted on 30 Oct 2017

Hyderabad: The High Court of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh here on Thursday admitted a second writ petition moved by retrenched employees of Tech Mahindra seeking a direction to their reinstatement by the Joint Commissioner of Labour’s Office.

Posted on 30 Oct 2017

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