Frequently Asked Questions - About ForIT

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ForIT stands for Forum of IT Professionals.

What is ForIT?
ForIT is a discussion forum by and for IT professionals to come together to share and discuss concerns affecting their professional as well as social life.

What does ForIT do?
ForIT takes up activities that matter to the fraternity of IT professionals. This fraternity is a section of the society which is least known to the outside world and is by large perceived to be professionals with the least problems with work and life. But the reality refuses to be so. In fact, we are some of the most unheard voices of the Indian Industry.
ForIT takes up activities like: solving problems that affect IT professionals.
Holding discussions through which we can share knowledge about the current scenarios. Conducting campaigns and awareness drives so as to give voice to our actions.

How does ForIT work?
ForIT majorly functions over the mailing list called “Discussion” [discussion at forit dot in]. This is where all the members discuss on various topics of interest of the group. The mailing list is also the place where the group identifies the need to act in the cause of the IT professionals' community. Following the discussions held in the list, the group decides to form an action group of volunteers (or Organising Committee) and plans for conducting the activities. The 'activists' would then frequently meet up at a common place for better interaction and association in coordinating the tasks at hand.

Where is ForIT?
ForIT doesn't work from a fixed office room or anything close to it (at least, not yet!). All communication happens over the mailing list or mobile communication. There are active (and dormant) ForIT members in various different IT companies in Hyderabad. We also have members who have moved out to various other places in India and abroad continuing to support and participate in the group's activities.

How can I join ForIT?
As mentioned above, ForIT primarily functions over the mailing list [discussion at forit dot in] which provides a simple and easily accessible forum for interaction and discussion. The first step would be to subscribe to the mailing list and take active part in its discussions. You may also take a step forward and volunteer to dedicate more time and effort in organizing events and activities of the group by sending a mail to [reachout at forit dot in] and leave enough information to contact you personally.