Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT) works towards organising and uniting everyone associated with Knowledge Economy sector. The areas of our intervention include IT, IT&ES, KPO, BPO, Hardware parks, services sector. The scope of work is associated with workforce in roles that includes programmer, developer, analyst, tester, architect, designer, engineer, consultant, executive, Supervisory, Administrative and Managerial capacities.
          We work for the rights and security of those associated with Knowledge economy sector through negotiation, collective bargaining or any other constitutional and legal process, getting adequate compensation for the services rendered by the workforce to the managements, fair conditions of service and terminal benefits, effective machinery for redressal of grievances and protection against victimisation and exploitative practices of the managements.
          We do all that is necessary and possible, through legitimate means, for raising the standard of life, efficiency and knowledge to secure health, well being, career, happiness and to promote and safeguard the interests, rights and privileges of the workforce. We shall also provide legal assistance and render aid to the employees.
          We work towards a policy change for the well being of employees with the governments, policy makers, government bodies, corporates, businesses, academic institutions and all walks of life.