Low Value of Hi-Tech Lives

Even before we forgot the unfortunate incident of Neelima Yeruva taking her life, another young girl, Ashwani Nairy took her life last week. Like Neelima, she too jumped from the same building where she worked. Even before this tragedy is sinking in, we hear the heart wrenching story of yet another IT employee – Ramya Keerthi, taking the extreme step. In this case she was harassed by her husband and father in-law. Forum of IT employees extends deepest condolences to the families of Ashwani and Ramya Keerthi In each case, the reasons vary and are of individual in nature. However these incidents reveal how vulnerable IT employees are. We need to ask: Why these young ladies, despite earning handsomely, despite being socially advanced are resorting to the extreme step of taking their own life. Why have there been no substantial measures taken by IT Employers in providing timely counselling and guidance to those that are under severe stress – either at workplace or home. While the recent case of Ramya Keerthi (she killed herself at her brother’s place) could have been prevented if she was counseled in the right time, but Ashwani Nairy’s death like Neelima’s could have been prevented had there been minimum security arrangement. The urge to comment suicide is momentary and when stopped at that distressed moment the person might never resort to such steps. A minimum security cover at the roof top or at least monitoring through CCTV could have saved her life. With proper counseling, Ashwani Nairy could have lived the life of her dreams. After Neelima’s suicide a lot of traction was generated - on beefing of security at risky places in office buildings, particularly high rise buildings. Media and many people’s organizations emphasized on the importance of setting up counseling centers. Among other demands, a Panel for Women safety to address concerns and grievances raised by women employees came up. Women’s organizations suggested that this should be done by holding wider consultations with all the stakeholders . How many more deaths does it take for the bosses to act and stop these incidents and create a workplace free from fear and stress? It’s imperative on all Software and IT firms to provide good workplaces where all employees - Men & women feel secure . We urge the management to talk to the employees in a transparent manner. ForIT will extend all kinds of support required to the professionals in their effort for a better and safe workplace. ForIT also requests all the professionals to unite in demanding a safe workplace and better working conditions free from stress and suffocation.