ForIT Demands Action against CDK Global

In a statement made by the Managing Director of CDK Global, he has admitted to retrenching employees. The MD claims the action as part of ‘role redundancies’. Indian labour laws clearly stipulate the procedure to be followed for role redundancies. The company has to first approach the labour department and seek permission. Only when such permission is granted can the management take action.

No such permission was sought nor any granted by the labour department in this matter. This goes to prove that the current situation is a clear case of ‘lawlessness’. CDK Global has failed to follow the law and in fact, has clearly violated the law blatantly.

Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT) demands that the labour commissioner, the IT minister and the labour minister take suo motu cognisance of this matter and take action against the company. ForIT demands that immediate steps be taken to ensure that all those affected employees are taken back into their jobs and stop further such illegal retrenchments.