ForIT Response To CA Technologies' Statement

CA Technologies, in a statement, have claimed that they are not resorting to retrenchment (though the employees inside the company know what has actually transpired.) Forum of IT Professionals welcomes this move from CA Technologies stating that no employees will be retrenched. This is a victory of the employees who have stood up against injustice. Forum of IT Professionals congratulates all the employees of CA Technologies who have come together and fought for their rights.

In their statement, CA claims that there is no retrenchment prior to the close of their acquisition by Broadcom. ForIT, while welcoming this, demands that the same agreement be honoured by both CA as well as Broadcom and ensure that there is no loss of employment post the closure of acquisition by Broadcom. CA’s statement mentions that the acquisition will be closed by the end of 2018 financial year. Government has to play a key role in making sure that the livelihoods of the workforce are protected during and post this acquisition.

ForIT reiterates its call to all the employees to come together and be united to ensure that there are no retrenchments. This move from CA comes after 200 people approached ForIT. If everyone unites together, not one job can be touched – in tune with our motto of ‘One for All, All for One’.