IBM Sacks 300 employees - Illegal and unjust

Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT) strongly condemns the actions of IBM in retrenching 300 employees from its software services division. In a move that smacks of high-handedness and a blatant disregard to the law of the land, IBM has essentially thrown the lives of 300 people and their families into a disarray. Any company which operates in India, even though it may be an MNC, has to abide by the Indian laws.

The justification of IBM – which says that ‘this is in line with IBM’s strategy’ and ‘to pioneer new high value services’ is a lame excuse and shows how scant their regard is for laws and employee rights. In fact, it is a farce when they say that they are ‘committed to being an essential part of its India growth’. It is nothing but utter hypocrisy for IBM to be saying this – committed to growth but a disregard to the Indian laws. Section 47 of the Shops and Establishments Act lays down the rules and ensures that employees can not be terminated or retrenched based on the whims and fancies of the company. Labour laws are applicable to IT employees and these companies are bound to follow them. Any violation should be treated by the government as illegal and should merit swift action.

ForIT demands that IBM immediately stop these illegal actions and take back affected employees. The government must intervene immediately and ensure that the jobs of IT employees are protected.

ForIT calls upon the IT fraternity to stand in solidarity with the affected employees and ensure that justice is delivered.