ForIT statement on Infosys retrenchment

Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT) strongly condemns the actions of Infosys in terminating hundreds of freshers, with the reason stated as 'failed to clear the Infosys internal fresher assessment test'. Infosys has essentially thrown the lives of hundreds of people and their hopes for their future into disarray.

Sources close to ForIT in the company and employees confirm that the freshers undergoing training are under undue pressure and leading to anxiety at a very early age in their careers. At this moment, the irresponsible statement by Infosys Co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan that "Lay-offs cannot be avoided. And while lay-offs are undesirable, the practice cannot be avoided." This is uncalled-for and only demotivates the workforce. The company CEOs and the sales teams that fail to get more projects are the ones whose failure is the reason for the shortfall in revenues. Even if it were to be true, the firing should begin from the top and not the workforce, who are the wealth generators for the company.


Fifteen out of a hundred engineers are joining the IT industry in recent times. After going through several exams/assessments and securing a job, they can't be made scapegoats by saying that they can’t further scale up. Employees should be given enough opportunities. Forum of IT Professionals is willing to assist all the employees undergoing training to face the internal assessments. ForIT appeals to all the freshers to come to join us and let's together fight for our jobs. If you or your friends are facing any issues, please reach out to us at +917673985813.


We demand that the labour department should take a suo motu cognisance of the issue and reinstate their employment. A company which is having a gross profit of 11,757 crores in the last quarter (YoY CC revenue growth of 13.7%) should not kill the hopes in the future of the budding employees whose training cost is a tiny amount for the company.


Section 47 of the Shops and Establishments Act lays down the rules and ensures that employees can not be terminated based on the whims and fancies of the company. IT workers are subject to labour laws, and these companies are required to abide by them. The government should treat every violation as unlawful and take merit swift action. ForIT demands that Infosys immediately stop these illegal actions and take back affected employees. The government must intervene immediately and ensure that the jobs of IT employees are protected.





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