Response to CDK Global's statement

In a blatant display of utter contempt towards the law of the land, CDK Global’s Managing Director tried to explain the illegal retrenchment of over 180 employees using phrases such as ‘role rationalisation’, ‘role redundancies’ and ‘employee performance’. ForIT once again reminds CDK Global that it is operating in India and has to abide by the laws of our country.

Any ‘role redundancies’ or ‘role rationalisation’, as claimed by the MD, have to be first taken up with the labour department. The company can not unilaterally take a decision in this regard and retrench employees. The pretext of ‘employee performance’ is an oft repeated excuse and has no basis in the law whatsoever. There is no provision which allows an organisation to retrench an employee on the basis of ‘performance’.

The statement made by the MD goes on to say that these decisions are always made through ‘consultation’ and ‘mutual agreement’. Nothing can be farther from truth than this. Forcing people to resign by threatening their career is not mutual agreement – it is coercion.

ForIT demands that CDK immediately take people back into their jobs and stop further retrenchments.