On Revoking Offer Letters

In the last few days, multiple reports have stated that companies, including Wipro, Infosys, Accenture and TechMahindra, have revoked the offer letters that were earlier given to thousands of graduates. These reports state that thousands of such young graduates are facing a dire situation, after having waited patiently for months for their on-boarding process, now left without any job. Their future is uncertain. Many such cases are being reported on Twitter, Linkedin and other social media platforms. Until now, there has been no official response from these companies.

We, the Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT), demand that the companies immediately respond and provide clarity on this issue. No offer letter, once rolled out, should be revoked. Giving vague responses and revoking the offer letters is tantamount to destroying the future of the young engineers.

We urge anyone facing this issue to reach out to us at +91 7673985813



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News Updates:

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