ForIT on Field

Forum of IT Professionals has went around the cyclone hit Visakhapatnam to assess the situation and proceed with the next steps in our contribution.
ForIT volunteers have visited Chaitanya Nagar and found houses of all residents there being destroyed by Hud hud. Most of the residents are here are daily wage laborers. They are living without a roof over their head, literally. As you can see in the pictures, some of them are taking shelter under a trolley to have their meals.
Though there is enough food, thanks to the prompt action of the NGOs, Government agencies and meticulous work of Government employees, residents here are not in a situation to have their meals properly. They are taking shelter in the nearby temples during nights.
We would like to beyond relief and be part of reconstruction of Vizag and take steps to restore the economy. We urge all the organizations to join hands with us take part in this.

Our Volunteers will continue to identify areas that need the help badly and do our bit in assisting these people to return to normalcy.

As part of ForIT’s plan to help in Vizag’s rebuilding, we will buy the cement and other building materials to ensure they rebuild houses. We would like to look beyond relief and provide something that helps the cyclone ravaged families recover and get their lives back on track