Open House on Job Security in IT and ITeS

One day, Rajini, receives a call from HR for a quick meeting. The gist of the meeting was "after proper evaluation, the company did not find her services useful anymore and she has to leave within 2 weeks" The HR did not offer any valid reason, nor there is any compensation. This turned her life upside down. This is the story of many of our fellow IT employees in the recent days. This is not just a hypothetical situation.  An audio clip (which is in public domain now) of the exit interview of a laid-off employee in an IT giant, revealed that the HR are clueless about these layoffs. To anyone with common sense it's very clear that there is no concrete basis or reason for these lay-offs.  With the current trend, any of us can be in Rajini’s place.




  • For the best part of the last 2 decades, India's GDP growth has seen exceptional growth rates, thanks to the Service Sector and the major contribution was from IT/ITeS. Every IT professional has contributed to this growth. 60% of Indian Exports are from IT and ITeS. All of us have built this $ 120 billion Industry


  • Today, many of us are being laid-off in most brazen and inhumane manner, without prior notice or adequate compensation. These layoffs happen in most arbitrary and opaque manner. There is no grievance redressal mechanism. 


  • These lay-offs which are given the euphemism – “re-structuring" come as jolt and affect lives in a very drastic way. It's ironic that the managements that ask us to plan minutest details so that the "productivity" is not affected, today throw many of their employees without a second thought for their life. Loss of employment for many individuals will have a cascading effect on the Economy and will hit many sectors badly. 


  • IT industry has been given huge incentives - land for throw-away prices, electricity at highly subsidized prices and many more. Besides, huge amount of money [A total of 30,000 Crore rupees] as stimulus was given after the 2008 Global Financial meltdown. All this were given to boost Employment and ensure there is no loss of employment. 


  • Despite enjoying so many sops and benefits, which are given by the Government, primarily to protect employment and create additional employment, the IT companies are resorting to retrenchment on massive scale.


  • In a civilized society Employment protection is a bare minimum right of all its Citizens. No sector should be exempted from this. There are provisions in Indian Laws that offer protection to employees against arbitrary and unjust lay-offs. However, IT industries have been exempted from this. 

In view of the current scenario, we Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT) are organizing an Open house to formulate a plan of action to bring this attention to the Government of Telangana and Central Government to ensure there is job security to all of the IT Employees and there are no unjust lay-offs. We are inviting legal experts in Employment laws and representatives from other service industries. Let’s come together to achieve Job security in IT.


Venue:  Somanadri Bhupal Memorial Hall

Beside Center for Good Governance, Gachibowli                                                    

Time:  10 am, 8th February, 2015                                                                                                                                                   

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