Pamphlet to friends in Serene Global Services

Dear Friends from Serene Global Services, After receiving information on the situation in Serene Global Services from its employees and interaction with them, Forum of IT Professionals have taken a decision to assist in fighting their battle with the management of the company. A meeting with 52 employees was organized to discuss the course of struggle. This initiative of few employees to organize themselves under the general body motivated more than 300 employees to join the struggle. The General Body, today acts a single platform to discuss and decide the future course of action of the struggle by employees against the management. As discussed and decided in the General Body, the employees have initiated a legal battle the management. Consistent efforts and frequent meeting helped us move forward effectively. Suitable advocates for this case are met. These are tough and testing times for all of us. The hardships that we are into currently are caused by loot of the money by the management of Serene Global Services and also wasting valuable and crucial time in our life. The confidence in the struggle path we have endorsed and the determination we showed in taking it forward in spite of divide-­and-­rule and pressure tactics taken by the management, is receiving great appreciation from public. Besides filling a number of criminal and civil cases against the management of Serene, as a next step we shall file a petition in the Honorable High Court of Andhra Pradesh seeking redress to this injustice. We also need to highlight the cheating of many fresh graduates and unemployed have been encountering. We shall organize the next General Body meeting very soon, to review the progress of our efforts and any changes that may have to be made. As discussed earlier, apart from the legal front we will meet several members of Legislative council (MLCs) bringing to the notice of the Legislative council of our plight and several others like us. Once we convene the next general body meeting, we will decide on taking our struggle to media and other public forums. Many other friends in IT industry who are associated with us were moved by the situation and decided to offer whatever support they can offer. They will participate in the next meeting to meet us and also express their solidarity and support. As we begin to mount pressure on the management, invariably, pressure will be put up on us to create divisions and demoralize in several ways, to dissuade us from going on with the fight by creating illusions of reestablishing the firm or time taking tactics by promising relief to us. It’s imperative that we stay vigilant and should not be misled by false assurances. Some of our friends might even fall prey to these tactics and they in turn might try to demoralize us and ask us to stop what we are doing. Our unity is our greatest strength. By standing together and constantly updating each other on the developments and coordinating in our efforts we could pitch for a stronger battle. We will stand as an example for others who are and who may facing these kind of deceptions. This would also be a lesson for those like the management of Serene Global Services plan to deceive students and the unemployed to make huge money out of exploitation. Looking forward to meet you all soon. For any details or to update us, please contact the following Siddhartha – 9490098016, Vijay – 8008403796, Kiran – 9618739328, Veera – 9010307442, Hari – 9441544176. You may email us at [email protected].