26 May 2018
  • The world is passing through an era of the next phase of revolution in Information Technology where automation of IT, artificial intelligence, machine learning along with rapid transformations in hardware are setting strong imprints on all fields of socio, economic and cultural lives of peop
30 October 2017

Hyderabad: The High Court of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh here on Thursday admitted a second writ petition moved by retrenched employees of Tech Mahindra seeking a direction to their reinstatement by the Joint Commissioner of Labour’s Office.

30 October 2017

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17 August 2017

Description: Over the last three months, more than 20,000 emplyees have been illegally retrenched by IT companies.

18 May 2017

Name: Seminar on Impact on IT Industry due to Automation & Increasing protectionism, visa regulations
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24 March 2017

FORIT salutes Bhagat Singh & his comrades on 23rd March Shaheed Diwas. On 3 March 1931, twenty days before his execution by the British, he wrote, "the struggle in India would continue so long as a handful of exploiters go on exploiting the labour of the common people for their own ends.